I have a Robbery Prevention training module I created as a single scene.  The scene is essentially divided into three sections:  Robbery Prevention, What to do during a robbery, What to do after the robbery occurs.  After each section, there is a short quiz with a results slide.  At the very end, I have a results slide that shows the overall results of all the section quiz questions combined.

At the end of each section, if the student fails that quiz, I created an action button on the "Failure" layer that takes the student back to the beginning of that particular section to repeat that portion of the module.  The student essentially has to pass the section before they can move on to the next.

When I review the entire program, everything functions as it is supposed to.  However, when I publish it, this is what occurs:

The student completes the first section and passes, it allows them to move to section 2.  If they fail section 2, the action button on the failure layer takes the student back to the beginning of section 2 to repeat that training.  However, when they attempt to complete the quiz a 2nd time, it will not allow the student to select any answers.  They can click the "submit" button to move to the next question but again, it will not allow them to select an answer.

In short, it functions as it should in review mode, but when published, it does not.

I have the setting for every slide to return the slide to its initial state when it is visited again.  But, then again, why would it function correctly in review mode, but not when it's published?

For what it's worth, I publish as an LMS course.

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Ali Goulet

Hi Bret!

Thanks for reaching out to us here. May I ask how you're reviewing your course once it's published? You're going to want to make sure you're viewing it in it's intended environment, otherwise you may run into some unwanted behavior. Since you're publishing for LMS, I suggest using SCORM Cloud to test your published file to see if you're still experiencing this issue. 

If you're viewing it in your LMS and seeing this, I would still suggest giving it a test run in SCORM Cloud and checking out this article on how to troubleshoot your LMS using SCORM Cloud.

As Wendy mentioned, it also might be helpful to attach your .story file in a comment here so I can take a closer look. If you're not comfortable sharing it publicly, please feel free to submit it privately to me here

Wendy Farmer

Hi Bret

I added a reset results slide trigger to the 'restart' button on all your fail layers for each quiz and made that the first trigger to fire before it jumps back to begin content. Also I'm not sure how you are scoring on the overall results slide as you don't have any of the 3 result slides selected for final score.

I've published it and just done the first quiz in FF browser and it works I fail first time and can then redo the quiz and choose answers. I haven't made changes to the overall result slide as noted above.an


Bret Loeb

Thanks Wendy...  In the final results slide that captures the total pass/fail, I reselected all the quiz slides in all three sections to calculate a total score.  This was tricky as I found it did some crazy things.  Today, for example, when I was first told about this issue, I double checked to see what quiz slides the final results slide was grabbing.  It was grabbing all but 4 so I had to reselect those slides.  I'm not sure what causes this, but I have found to double check this anytime I make updates.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Bret

when you say it was grabbing 'all but four' do you mean you are selecting all the questions in each quiz? You can use the dropdown at the top of the final result slide to change the select option from questions to result slides and then it should only show you the result slides to select.

Bret Loeb

I see that on the one you fixed.  But, yes, that was what I was doing initially.  Each section's results slide, I made sure the results being returned included only the quiz slides in that section.  Then, when I went to the overall results slide, I had to make sure that all section quiz slides were selected.  Occasionally, when I made updates, it would deselect a handful of slides.  I learned to check that before I publish to make sure it did not deselect any quiz slides on its own.  But, I see what you're saying and will go down the option you mention in the future.  Thanks a bunch!