Quizzes being marked as incorrect when correct on iPad

Jul 21, 2014

Hi we are seeing an odd issue in the HTML5 version, and would love any assistance that we can get.

We have most of our learners using HTML5 on iPads . We have just recently begun seeing an issue when a quiz is interrupted due to connection issues.

Our LMS database is capturing the questions and responses for each interaction and whether they are correct or not. However – let’s assume the learner gets a connectivity error part way thru the test. They exit, and then re-start and go to completion. The information that was previously captured is obviously being fed back into the courseware because it is showing what they answered previously when they review the test. Unfortunately – it is marking everything from the past as “Incorrect” in the new version of the course – regardless of whether or not they were right. This tells me that the course is misinterpreting the information it is receiving from the LMS and not grading holistically in the end.


  • Is this a setting i have missed in Storyline? I can’t imagine why someone wouldn’t want to use the previous data in calculating the score, but that appears to be the way it works now
  • Does Storyline grade each question on Submit? or at the end
  • Has anyone seen the above behavior and have any ideas about what might be causing it?

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Shannon,

I can't see the images that you shared very well, but from what I can see it looks like this is happening on the review portion of the quiz. Is that correct?

If so, this may be related to an issue that we're investigating that actually impacts both Flash and HTML5 content.

From what I understand, this happens when the Results Slide or question slides are set to "Reset to initial state" within the resume options for the slide itself.

From testing, it looks like choosing "Automatically decide" or "Resume saved state" resolves this issue.

Could you let us know what option you're using for your results slide and/or question slides?

If you're already using one of the options I mentioned above, you're welcome to share your .story file here, so we can take a look. Please just keep in mind that the maximum file size for the forums is currently 20 MB. If your course exceeds this size, just let me know and we can discuss other options for sharing the project.

Thank you!


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