Quizzes: Default colour of selections: buttons and ticks.

Hi Articulate communty,

In Quizzing T/F, multi choice and multi response templates have the default button or tick for the selections as red colour. This can be changed, but is quite a hassle.

Red is associated with an incorrect response.    Can I change the default to another colour so I dont have to change all questions responses from red to another colour such as green?

Regards - Mark

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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Mark,

Are you using a Design Theme that's different than the default one? I'm asking because at least for me, the default tick mark color is blue.

This color is controlled by Accent 1, which is accessed in the Design Themes.

1. Click the Design tab

2. Click the Colors drop-down

3. If you're using a custom them, right click to edit it
   If you're using an existing them, click to create a new theme that will be based on the current one you're using.

When the dialog box opens, clik the dropdown by Accent 1 (you can see in this screen shot that it controls the tick mark color) and change the color.

Please shout out with any questions.