Quizzes in a module without using a Results slide

I've read a ton of forums on branching and results slides, however, I haven't read one that answers my concerns. This has several different scenarios, hopefully someone will be able to assist me.  

I have 4 total modules (which is equivalent to 4 different courses in my LMS) each module has several scenes to breakdown the content by category. Each module also has a Knowledge Check, which is a multiple selection quiz and they all have at least two additional quizzes to make sure they understand all the content that is covered for that section/category. 

If I start a course and the end for the course has a quiz and I don't answer the quiz question correctly on the first try, I will be branched back to the beginning of that section.  Once I go through that entire section again and get to the quiz, I am not allowed to change any of my answers or re-submit the quiz content.  Is there a way to change this?  Do I need to duplicate the quiz and if the user doesn't answer the quiz correctly they are branched to section to review again and sent to the "duplicated" quiz.  Or is there another way to do this. 

My other issue is Results slide(s), to use one or to not use one that is the question.  Is it mandatory to use a results slide if my courses are being administered via an LMS?  This seems very conflicting in all the other forums I've read.  I have set my Reporting and Tracking to Passed or Incomplete and Track using number of slides viewed.  I tested  my courses on the SCORM Cloud and the results seem to be coming back inconsistent.  

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