Quizzes Not Scoring Correctly in Storyline 360

I have created assessments in Storyline 360.  Each assessment consists of 25 questions.  The only score that's accurate is 100%  For example, when testing I answered 2 questions out of 25 incorrectly.  My score should have been 92%.  My score was 96.15%  I tried again but this time answered 8 questions incorrectly.  My score should have been 68%.  Instead it was 84.61%.  Any suggestions about how to fix this?

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Judy Nollet

Hi, Jacqueline,

You have questions 1-21 and 25 set to be worth 1 point each. But questions 22-24 are set to be worth 10 points each. Just reset those to 1 point, and the math will adjust accordingly. 

(Another idea: Since you have 25 questions, set each one to be worth 4 points. Then the total will be 100 points, which will avoid those ugly ##.## percentages.)