Quizzes on iPads


I have a client who wants to view their eLearns on the iPad.  They will include knowledge checks, do I have any limitations with the quizzes and reporting back to the LMS?  Any issues I should be aware of as I begin these discussions?  I don't want to have an issue at the end trying to report back the scores to the iPad.  I have had some issues with slowness of the course in the past, but recently it seems to have gotten better. 


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Emily Ruby

Hi Vanessa,

You can look here to see what HTML5 supports for quiz slides. As far as reporting to the LMS, you could always test the courses in the SCORM Cloud to see how it is supposed to behave. We cannot say for sure that the LMS you are using will or will not have issues, but if you do see different behavior in your LMS, this article here should give you some tips.

Let us know if you need anything further!