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I have created a true or false quiz for a Code of Conduct training.  My manager would like a "fail" on the quiz to stop the employee from going any farther.  They will be required to complete a sign off at the end of the training and we want to make sure that they have passed the quiz before going any farther.  Is this possible?  Also is it possible to have 15 questions in the training but only need the employee to complete 10 of those questions to pass.  They would like it set up with 15 random questions but the employee would only see 10 of those questions each time they took the course.  Hope this makes sense and thanks for any help.


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Kathy,

It sounds like you'll want to use the question bank option to pull a random 10 for each user. 

In regards to stopping the user and not allowing them to proceed, on the failure layer of the results slide you could include a retry button to force them into taking the course again - and depending on if you're using the normal player navigation as well, you may need to consider what happens if they click the "next" button. 

Kathy Bella

Thanks I am going to review that training.  I am using the normal player navigation and there is the retry button - but they can skip that and go to the "next" button and continue on in the course.  I was looking for something that would force them to review the material if they don't pass.