Quizzes & Tracking of Individual Questions


I am new to Storyline and am having trouble with the assessments piece.

Currently about 200 people have taken the course and there is a 50/50 pass rate. That isn't great, so we want to drill down into the individual questions to analyze which ones people are failing. 

I'm assuming that it has to be somewhere otherwise how would they get the calculation for the cumulative score to know if folks passed or not.

Would appreciate any help I can get!

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Priyanka and Welcome to E-Learning Heroes! Assuming that you are using an LMS, Storyline is sending the data that they would need to get this set up for you.  If you are not using an LMS, can you tell me your current set-up? 

Just as a reference, here are the reports that are available from Articulate Online and should give you an idea of what you may find within your own LMS.


Sorry, I am late to the party on this, but pressed to get up to speed quickly.  So, I am hearing you say that the reports that can be gained by using the online version contain the same data that is sent to someone using their own LMS?  What is the best way to set up my tracking when I publish?  We really need to be able to see what questions are needing the most attention in future training as this will be used as an entry knowledge quiz.


Dick Reynolds

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Dick,

The reports Leslie shared are those available if you publish and host your content within Articulate Online. If you're using your own LMS, you'll want to check with them regarding the types of reports you can generate and how, but the same information regarding quiz data is submitted as detailed here.  

I'd recommend tracking by a results slide, instead of number of slides viewed. 

If you need anything else, please let us know!