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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Christine,

Did you mean to share an attachment here? If so, nothing came through to ELH. It could be because you responded via email which will also include your signature. You can edit out your contact information from your post if you'd like, and you can then upload that file by clicking here to revisit this discussion. 

Crystal Horn

Hi Christine!  That was a little mystery.  😁 I saw that the slide properties included the Next and Prev buttons:

I could see my cursor was changing when I hovered over where the buttons should have been, but nothing was there.  So I checked Player Properties, and realized the Player had been customized in a such a way that those buttons appeared invisible. I changed the color scheme of the player:

...and everything looks good!  Let me know if that helps.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Christine,

Sure thing!

The colors of the Correct response box is controlled by your Feedback master. Take a look at this tutorial on how to edit it. 

For the next button you could set it in a state of Disabled to start, and add a trigger to change the state of the next button based on the state of all your game board pieces being visited for example. 

So a few things to play around with! If you get stuck, share an updated copy of your .story file as that's the best way for folks in the community to take a look and offer really specific help!

Edit Vizer

Hello, this is an older thread, but hoping to get a little guidance.

Tinkering with the template, and I changed some settings: Now the learner has 2 takes - so if she picks a wrong answer, she gets a "try again" feedback. And can pick an answer again. Here I ran into an issue. In this scenario (picking 1 wrong, then 1 right answer) the system still counts the score 2-times. Not leaving out the wrong answer from the counting. 

Tried to change triggers, variables, but could not get the functionality right. Any hints?