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Jerson  Campos

It is possible. There are a few methods you can use to develop this function. If you are not familiar or comfortable workign with variables, you can create this using some buttons and triggers.

Here is an overview of the steps you can take.

Create your Layers for the hints: Hint_1, Hint_2

On the base layer, create two buttons for each of the hints; Button_hint_1, Button_hint_2,

Set these triggers for Button_hint_2:

Trigger 1 - This will hide this button when the user clicks on this button. So they only get this hint once.

Change State of : Button_hint_2

To hidden

When User Clicks

On Button_Hint_2

Trigger 2 - This will display the Hint Layer 2

Show Layer: Hint_2

When user clicks this button

Place Button_Hint_1 on top of the other button and set these triggers

Trigger 1

Show layer Hint_1

When User clicks on this button

Trigger 2

Change State of Button_Hint_1

to hidden

when user clicks this button..

This way only one button will be shown at a time

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Kathy,

You'll need to put these on the layers of your quiz slide as Jerson suggested - and show the layer based on the user clicking on the hint button. What type of quizzing slide are you using? If using a freeform pick one/pick many - clicking on those buttons may be interesting with your quiz set up. Are you able to post what you've got going so far so that the community can take a look?