Quizzing not working in LMS on resume

Apr 26, 2016

Hi, I created a 6-section scenario based course which allows the user to choose the path they will take. Each scenario is a multiple choice quiz question that will reset to initial state if the user goes back to the section from the menu. I have tested through SCORM cloud and all works great, until finishing the entire course, exiting, then relaunching.

Upon relaunching, if the user selects to resume where they left off, they are able to see the menu, but when going into a section, the scenarios don't work anymore. (If the user finishes each section and does not exit the course, they are able to do the scenarios again.)

Could this issue be caused by the results being submitted? If so, I am confused because the results are to be submitted when the timeline starts on the "congratulations" slide, yet the user can still go into the sections, as long as they have not clicked the "exit course" button. 

Any help would be wonderful! 

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Erin S

Yeah, I did some more testing after posting my question and figured it out. :( Unfortunately, the retry button doesn't work in this course since there is no "quiz" exactly. Although I am using the quiz functioning slides, the user doesn't need to have a score. The main idea was to be able to track the path in which the user takes and, if we could, allow the user to review the sections if they need - if that makes sense. 

Since the path tracking is not mandatory, I ended up unchecking the "quiz" questions in the results slide, so the LMS will show the user passed/completed, but will not track the path.

Thanks for your response though.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Erin!

You may find that the resume feature in Articulate Storyline doesn't work as you'd expect after you've met the completion requirement—either by viewing the required number of slides or by passing a quiz. Most LMSs consider a course to be in review mode after the tracking requirement has been met. In review mode, resume data is no longer sent to the LMS, which prevents learners from accidentally changing their course status from complete back to incomplete. See this article for more information/

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