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Mar 26, 2018


I've built course that that has three different quiz options that the learner can complete (in whatever order they choose). Currently, after each quiz, they are redirected back to the base slide. Since the learner has the ability to take the quizzes in any order, how do I create a trigger that automatically brings them to the results slide once all the questions have been answered in all three quizzes?



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Wendy Farmer

Hi Austin

Without seeing your file setup try this:

  1. Create 3 T/F variables all default to False one for each quiz. e.g. quiz1, quiz2, quiz3.
  2. On the slide for each quiz where they are redirected back to the base slide add the trigger: Adjust variable quiz1=true when timeline starts or when the user clicks the button to go back to the base slide.
  3. Repeat this trigger on the other two quizzes.
  4. On the base slide add a trigger: Jump to slide results slide when timeline starts on base slide on condition quiz1=true AND quiz2=true AND quiz3=true.

If that doesn't work - upload your .story file and someone will try and help you.

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