Quizzing - Submit Actions

I have created a simulation quiz that utilizes a variety of question types, but mainly the hotspot interactions. Within each question slide, I have created various layers for the learner to work through before reaching the correct feedback (click to advance). I planned to set the completion criteria based on slides viewed, but now need way to generate a completion certificate/results. I have deleted and/ or hidden the submit button and trigger for submitting the interaction on some slides.

Do I need the "submit interaction" trigger to report out to the result slide? If so, is there a way to add this trigger to the "correct" layer, rather than the auto-generated base layer trigger? Just not familiar with how the results slide gets the specific slide information.

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Ren Gomez

Hi Rachel,

Great question! Results slides can track question slides or other results slides, so you will need a Submit interaction trigger for the results slide to track it. 

You should be able to create that trigger within the correct layer, or even copy the Submit button over to the correct layer and have it point to the Results slide. Hope this helps!