Hello all!

I am new to using Storyline and e-learning tools in general. I was trying to create a 'pick one' quiz with 6 questions and their answers on one slide with different layers. The questions show on the first layer only and the rest show the 1st layer's question. I ended up creating 6 different slides. Is there a way I can have these questions on a single slide with layers?

Thanks in advance.

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi there Maria. Welcome to the community and Storyline :)

Does this need to be a graded question? Also, I'm having a little difficulty visualizing what you're wanting to do. Are you wanting to show the answers on different layers, or the questions?

If you can give us a little "walk-through" of how you envision this, maybe we can give you some suggestions and possibly some examples. :)

Thanks and welcome again!