Quotation marks in Storyline

It must be a bug. But in storyline (europe, qwerty keyboard), it's difficult to make a single quotation mark First you have to  insert " and then ' after that you should delete the  " to preserve the '. A very unlogical an unconvenient behaviour of storyline. 

Is anybody aware of this matter? 

Also made a supportcase of this. 

Kind regards, 

Harold Lentink

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Harold,

Thanks for also starting a support case and I see Abel shared some initial ideas and troubleshooting steps with you. Did any of that work? 

I saw that you were typing in English, but you mentioned being in Europe, so I'm curious if your computer and spell check are set to another language? I saw Abel couldn't replicate the behavior you shared, so any more details about your setup would be helpful.