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Christie Pollick

Hi, Alex -- Thanks so much for sharing, and also for uploading your .story file so others can take a look at the set up you used!

If possible, you might want to add "EXAMPLE:" or something similar to the beginning of your post title to quickly distinguish that this is a contribution rather than a question. 

And if you'd like to reach even more of the community, please feel free to share over in our Building Better Courses forum, as well. :)

Manisha Parmar

Hi Alex, this is really helpful with what i am doing at the moment. I have been asked to create something similar but they want a downloadable report with their results displayed. Have you tried this?

if yes do you have any examples or point me to the right direction. Sorry I am new the storyline world so i am trying to get used to it :) Thank you

Rishi Jaipaul

Hi everyone!

Alex, I think this is wonderful, although you made it four years ago and may not be on the system anymore I was wondering if it is possible to add another variable to the radar chart?

Also, is it possible to ensure that a choice isn't "pre-chosen" when the user gets to the choices pages?

All the best!