Radio Button Formatting Query


Perhaps someone can help me out here.

I need my radio buttons to always have a certain colout around them, (green since you asked...)

Like this.

So that's fine. I set them up using "Format", and Save.

Then when I Preview/Publish, they look like this:

That is irksome,

I have been able to go in and reformat each of the states associated with this Button, but surely this is something that I should be able to select at the "Normal", state and have it actually stay?

Perhaps I am doing something wrong?

Any general advice would be appreciated, however, it does all look as thought it shoudl be self-explanatory!


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Adrian Dean

Hi Bruce,

Sorry it has taken so long for someone to get back to you. You may have already found the answer but if not, then the following tutorial goes over formatting the buttons individually.

This next tutorial goes over how to change the theme colors since the colors available in the Format tab are controlled by your project's design theme.

Hope this helps you,