Radio Button multiple outcomes in the results


I am working on a Quiz with Yes or No radio button user interaction and I was wondering if someone could suggest the best way to accomplish the following outcome.

I have four question with Yes or No radio buttons, the correct answer is "No" for all four questions.

I want results slide to go 1 in 3 ways depending how the user answers the questions

  • If the user answers all four correctly to have one audio and slide response.
  • If the user answers incorrectly on all four, have another audio and slide response.
  • If the user has a mix of right and wrong answers, have another audio and slide response.

Any suggestions?



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Wendy Farmer

Hi Tom

Without seeing the file try this setup

Success layer - 1st option

Fail layer - 2nd option

Custom layer - 3rd option

I would create 4 T/F variables one for each quiz slide

On the quiz slide change to True when user clicks submit button if the No radio button is selected.  If the correct answer is not selected it will stay false.

See attached sample.