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I could not use a ready made Quizing survey slide as i could not work out how to only go to a slide fr more information if unacceptable was selected.

I am now faced with an issue of how do i get the results from this "questionnire" onto the Articulate online LMS once the indivdual completes it, im unsure how or where i need to insert a results slide for this particular problem.

I tried to pull all the results into slides 1.3 and 1.4 but that didn't help

Any suggestions i would be so so grateful.

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Rachel Steele

Hi Phil,

is there a way in that case to use a pre made likert and change avaraible according to the answer selected (thus asking for additional info if they say something is not acceptabple and skipping forward if everything is acceptable?

I have been looking at likert and notice that variables can be set to if text boxes on lekets are selected but im just not sure what i am doing?

Phil Mayor

Hi Rachel

I dont mind the questions

likert is an odd one because you have no way of knowing what has been selected (I like to use a slider instead).  If you have a prebuilt likert style Q using radio buttons you should be able to insert a freeform pick one, then all you need to do is force the text answer into a hidden question for your unacceptable answers.

You would assign your variable to a text entry field on a hidden text enyrt question then submit the interaction (ensure no feedback)  and jump to the next slide, I would do all this on timeline start so the slide may appear for a fraction of a second but the result can then be sent to your LMS.

the distress thermometer didn't use Likert questions (I have only ever used them once and find them difficult and inflexible), you can have a copy of the file if you want

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

HI Rachel,

Have you by any chance seen this Likert-like Assessment survey by Jeanette Brooks? Apologies if it's not at all what you need...I didn't have time to give your slide anything but a cursory look. Also, it may be too late at this point if all your work has been done. But you never know what may help someone out now or in the future.

I've used this model a couple times and it's worked out perfectly.