Radio button set - variable true/false values not changing

Jan 04, 2021

Been trying this out for some time (days...) and just can't get my head around why I can't make this work.

I would like each of my radio buttons to return a variable value of true when "selected" and when not selected to return a value of "false". I have tried 'Toggle'  which only works if clicked again and not when I select another radio button in the button set. I can't work how to use the 'if/and' to switch the other variables to false if another is true. Confused? I am... 

Is this possible? or am I just chasing my tail on this?

I have attached a working file, you will see at the bottom 3 choices: Britain, France, or Germany (with a ref to the variable for each value beneath) but I am seeking only one "true" value to show and the others to automatically switch to "false" when the other radio button is pressed. Don't be distracted by the other check box navigation above, it's a test file for a much larger project.

with kind regards,


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Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Dom,

Happy New Year!

There might be a faster way to achieve what you are looking for, but I am attaching my attempted solution. I would change the other variables to false once you click a radio button.

Would that work for what you are looking for?

All the best,