Radio Button Text Won't Cooperate

Mar 12, 2016

The course I am working with has radio buttons. The text boxes have been sized so that when needed, it wraps to the second line instead of going off the screen; however, it has resized itself. When you view the slide, the text is off the screen but when I go to click in the text box, it is the correct size and there is nothing to fix. 

Do I just need to rebuilt all these or is there something easy I can do to fix them? See the images below. The red line denotes the edge of the slide/page.


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Lisa Ogan

Yes, those were my settings and I was having that issue. What I did to fix it was go in to format shape, click Do not Autofit and then unchecked and rechecked Wrap text in shape. That fixed everything and I assume since it is no longer resizing the shape to fit the text that it won't randomly resize anymore. 


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