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Hi All,

I am a newbie using storyline. Basically, I want to use pick many template to put multiple TrueorFalse questions in one slide. However, when I preview it, I notice that both true and false radio buttons can be selected at the same time. What I want is the learners only allow to select either true or false. Anyone can help me on this? Or is there any better way to put multiple true or false questions in one slide in Storyline? 

I have attached my story file here. 

Thanks very much in advance. 



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Brian Allen

Yun Li,

I haven't looked at your project file, but one way of adding true false questions to a slide would be to use the pre-built quiz questions.

If you want to build your own interactions, you can connect two or more buttons together into a "button set", which will then only allow one button in the set to be selected.

Here's a great tutorial on building button sets -