Radio buttons and tick boxes not displaying as per 'selected' state

Hi experts! Please help, if you can... I have converted a whole course from Storyline 2 to Articulate 360. Now, when I preview a quiz, the buttons (radio, and tick boxes) do not show up as selected. When I check the 'Selected' state on each question option, it shows a black radio button, or black tick. When I preview, they only appear as white, ie invisible. Do you know how I can fix this please? BIG thanks!


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Justin Grenier

Good Morning, Angela!

We definitely don't intend for you to have these kinds of problems when upgrading your .story project file from Storyline 2 to Storyline 360!  Would you mind sharing your Storyline 2 .story project file with us for a closer look?  You can share it here privately if you'd prefer.  Thanks!

Angela Webb

Hi Justin,

Thank you so much for replying...

I have tried to send you the file privately, but can't seem to log in. I have an Articulate license through work and can't see how to reset my password..

Can you help, as I would rather not post my file on the discussion forum.

Many thanks.

Best regards,


Randall Sauchuck

This is an old thread but I had a similar problem where our white selected state tick marks were not showing on a dark background. I had to do Edit States on each choice item and change the Selected state icon to some other color (not white) to make them display.

This was also on a course originally built in SL2 then opened in SL3

Ren Gomez

Hi Randall,

Sorry to hear you had to manually edit the selected states once you upgraded your file from SL2 to SL3. I'm not sure if you had additional triggers assigned to the states, but the functionality of Storyline 3's built-in states could've caused some problems during conversion.

If you'd still like us to take a look at the file,  you can share it publicly here, or with our support engineers. As always, we'll delete when we're done testing.

Kate May

Hi there, I seem to be having a similar issue in that when the user hovers over an answer, the 'hover' state works but when the user selects the incorrect answer, the 'selected' state does not show the radio button, but on the correct answer it does? I do have a trigger on each of the answers so is this causing the issue? I am using SL3.

Katie Riggio

Hello, Kate. Sorry you're running into that!

By default, radio buttons have Normal, Hover, Down, Disabled, and Selected states. You can adjust any of these built-in states and even create your own custom states

I'm happy to help investigate what's happening with the states for the incorrect choices. Would you mind sharing a sample slide with me? Since this is a public forum, you can import the slide into a new Storyline file. Then, remove any proprietary information and share that .story in a new reply here