Radio buttons and True or False quizzing

Jan 02, 2015


I am enjoying the trial and error growth on Articulate.

Now I am up to playing with radio buttons to create a list of questions that are true or false answers.  One radio button if clicked will review if this was the correct answer or incorrect.   Got that going on for all the questions about 8 on the slide.  But when the next question's button is selected, I lose the selected state on the button in the prior answered question(s).

How can I keep the radio buttons independent of each other and stay selected to show the answer chosen?  I've attached the slide for easier comprehension of my rambling.

Thanks for any feedback  on this.



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Parashuram Vhaval

Hello niomi rosenberg,


To select multiple radio buttons on one slide you can create different groups of radio buttons.

For example:

If question one has three radio buttons select all three and right click the choose button set option after that create set 1

Then same for question two but this time create set 2

And so on till 8 sets of radio buttons. thus you can select 8 radio buttons on one slide.

A screenshot is attached for your reference.


Please let me know if you are not clear about what I said.

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