Radio Buttons as an assessment


I am adding a Display Screen Assessment onto a DSE course, this is an extract of the assessment.

I am adding layers for help (as you can see on the electrical section)

What i am struggling with is

How can i add a free text box to be available after each section only of unacceptable has been selected.

What i want is for more information to be provided so that for example if they need a foot rest they can comment as such, i dont want them to be forced to be filling boxes with NA if there is nothing wrong ie if acceptable has been ticked for the whole slide.

The next problem is

how can they review all the information they submit and will doing this way allow for the info to be saved.  i have set button sets for each question but i have never done this before and my user manual has nothing this advanced.

Any help please?

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Josh Uhlig

Although you could solve the first problem with triggers attached to the unacceptable radio button that change the state of the textbox from hidden to normal (visible), the easier option would be to prefill a text box with N/A so the user would only replace the text when needed.  Another option is to add a note to only fill the text box in the event unacceptable is selected.

My biggest question is how you would collect the information.  The presentation can report out question level infomation (what the learner has answered), but the way you've set things up, you essentially have more than one question per slide.  As a result, I don't believe you can use the quizzing function to accomplish what you need.