Radio Buttons, Button Sets, & Jumping to Next Slide

May 16, 2019

Hi! I am hoping that someone can help me. I have developed a pre-course evaluation that will be part of a larger course. The slides function the way that I want them too, but I need help in determining the best way to prevent the learner from moving to the next slide until they have completed each question (or button set). 

I used radio buttons and a count variable.  I want the learner to be able to see how often they ranked each item and to be able to review their responses before diving into the course.  This eval functions much like a survey in which the learner will need rate how often they do each item whether frequently, sometimes, or rarely. 

Using a survey question slide was too limiting and didn't work the way that I wanted. 

File attached. Any suggestions?  Thank you!  

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David Schwartz

Hi Emily,

Here's one solution. I added a new variable on the first screen, Tot_count, and some new triggers. Each time one of the F, R or S count variables changes, Tot_count is calculated by adding the values of the three other count variables. I set the initial state of the Next button to disabled, and changed the disabled state visually to gray out the text. There is a trigger set to run whenever Tot_count changes, and sets the Next button to its normal state when Tot_count = 6, the number of questions on the screen.

I didn't go on to the second screen, because it looks like you're using the same variables there, but I assume you are going to create new variables so you can add together the results of those two screens on the third screen.

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