Radio Buttons for a Skills Inventory

I am developing a skills inventory for a online course.

I developed a likert scale hoping that I could get a score from it, no luck.

So I went an made my own radio buttons, copied them over (and over and over) and then tried to do what I had seen done in other tutorials. Making a rectangle group around my button set that way one button could be selected in each set. Well that doesn't work. When I preview this project, all the buttons in the first 2 button sets select.

I have given up going much farther in developing this Skills Inventory unless someone can help me! I want the first button in each button set to be, 1, the second to be 2, the third 3, and I was trying to use TOTAL or SCORE to add them up, but its not working.

Someone please tell me what I am doing wrong! Thank you!


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Kevin Thorn

You had the right idea. First, when you group the radio buttons into a Button Set, it's not the same as grouping shapes. I ungrouped everything you had and removed the shapes (not sure what that was for).

When you group radio buttons, select all that you want in a group and then right click (ensuring they are all still selected). You'll see a Button Set option with current Button Sets and a "create new" option. 

I selected each of your buttons in a row as a group and created a new Button Set for you. You have nine (9) button sets now. Preview works fine where only one radio button in each row can be selected at a time.

Hope you don't give up on this now!

Emily  Goldstein

Wow! Thank you! That was so helpful.

Maybe I have all these questions because I am so new at this, or maybe because I am just missing something... but now that I have that set up, I am trying to make my answers total the score category.

I am getting close and I modeled Joe's file ( )... but I cant figure out the last steps. How do I make their response come alive so I can add information in layers?

I have learned so much by following e-Learning Heroes.

Thank you!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Raddy,

I'm not certain that Emily or other folks are still subscribed to this thread, but that file shared you should be able to open in Storyline 2 (you'll see a message asking for you to upgrade it). 

If you're still unable to get it to work as you'd like, you may want to share a copy of your .story file so that we can see what you've set up and offer any other thoughts.