Radio Buttons for a Skills Inventory

I am developing a skills inventory for a online course.

I developed a likert scale hoping that I could get a score from it, no luck.

So I went an made my own radio buttons, copied them over (and over and over) and then tried to do what I had seen done in other tutorials. Making a rectangle group around my button set that way one button could be selected in each set. Well that doesn't work. When I preview this project, all the buttons in the first 2 button sets select.

I have given up going much farther in developing this Skills Inventory unless someone can help me! I want the first button in each button set to be, 1, the second to be 2, the third 3, and I was trying to use TOTAL or SCORE to add them up, but its not working.

Someone please tell me what I am doing wrong! Thank you!


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Kevin Thorn

You had the right idea. First, when you group the radio buttons into a Button Set, it's not the same as grouping shapes. I ungrouped everything you had and removed the shapes (not sure what that was for).

When you group radio buttons, select all that you want in a group and then right click (ensuring they are all still selected). You'll see a Button Set option with current Button Sets and a "create new" option. 

I selected each of your buttons in a row as a group and created a new Button Set for you. You have nine (9) button sets now. Preview works fine where only one radio button in each row can be selected at a time.

Hope you don't give up on this now!

Emily  Goldstein

Wow! Thank you! That was so helpful.

Maybe I have all these questions because I am so new at this, or maybe because I am just missing something... but now that I have that set up, I am trying to make my answers total the score category.

I am getting close and I modeled Joe's file ( )... but I cant figure out the last steps. How do I make their response come alive so I can add information in layers?

I have learned so much by following e-Learning Heroes.

Thank you!

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Raddy,

I'm not certain that Emily or other folks are still subscribed to this thread, but that file shared you should be able to open in Storyline 2 (you'll see a message asking for you to upgrade it). 

If you're still unable to get it to work as you'd like, you may want to share a copy of your .story file so that we can see what you've set up and offer any other thoughts.