Radio buttons- help!

Can someone give me a hand and explain to me how the radio buttons in the interactive elements work? I can't seem to find any help online about them and I keep getting stuck. (I need a hero--and an upcoming 3 day weekend to clear my head!)

Or maybe there is a better way to do this....I have this interaction where I want the user to select the employee that they think is best. In the end, they are all "correct answers" that branch to different slides  I found that I can advance the user to the correct slide by putting a trigger on the radio button, but then they advance immediately w/out delay. 

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Kristin Savko

I did something similar with the submit button using states, but then I have to have just one "correct answer"....I'd really like them to all be correct answers.

We used to do something similar in Presenter and we'd just make the image of the person clickable, but I really like the idea of making it appear more quizlike.

PS- Love your frog avatar!

Ben  Wyse


Thanks.. my wife always said she turned the frog into the prince.

I am a little fuzzy on what you mean by "only one correct answer"      You can create these buttons as a "set" meaning they can only select one at a time or you can have it set for multiple selections.   If you are going to use triggers based on selection (unless you doing something really complicated) I think you want the buttons as a "Set" with a single selection only possible. 

As far as setting this up as a quiz, you can have it set up as a multiple choice question  with question branching depending on the selection.  You wouldn't need any triggers for that.  It's inherit in the quiz structure.   If you aren't recording a score, you avoid the quiz question altogether and set up a button with triggers as I showed above.

Kristin Savko

(Props to your wife!!)

Maybe it's better explained this way...

I want the buttons to be a set. I want the student to only be able to select one character at a time. Depending on what radio button is selected, I want the submit button to branch to a different slide. 

I can do it by making the actual photo of the person a hyperlink to the correct slide---and hmmmm, maybe I should create a little button under each image...Probably the best solution--sometimes I just need to talk...LOL.

I went back and looked at your screen capture again and I have more clarity this time around. Can I add a condition for each of the different radio buttons then?

Ben  Wyse

Yes.. you would actually create three triggers for your SUBMIT button....

trigger 1  -    when user clicks SUBMIT button, jump to SLIDE X,   condition ,  shape  "button 1" equals selected

trigger 2  -    when user clicks SUBMIT button, jump to SLIDE Y,   condition ,  shape  "button 2" equals selected

trigger 3  -    when user clicks SUBMIT button, jump to SLIDE Z ,   condition ,  shape  "button 3" equals selected

The trigger only fires if the condition is met.  

There may be a more elegant (meaning sleeker, more efficient way of coding)  but this will work.

Laura Payette

I'm trying to do something similar, only I've got a situation where thre are four radio buttons (I've actually used the check box buttons, but I don't think it matters) and I want one of two things to happen, depending on what the user selects:

  • Option 1: The user selects all four check boxes and then goes to a layer that shows correct feedback
  • Option 2: The user selects only 1-3 of the check boxes and then goes to a layer that shows incorrect feedback

I'm having trouble making it work, though. (I need to build this "by hand" because I'm putting all of this on a layer, rather than on a base layer. I'm creating a follow-on question, which is why it can't be on the base layer.)

I followed the logic in the radio-sample.story file above, but it didn't work. The key change I made was to set one variable -- checkbox. I set it to false by default. I set a condition on the Submit button that if all four check boxes were selected, the "checkbox" variable became true and was supposed to trigger the correct feedback layer. If only 1, 2, or 3 boxes were checked, clicking Submit was supposed to show the incorrect feedback layer. What am I doing wrong?

Ben  Wyse

Here is the way I like to do this.  I used two triggers with conditions.  One trigger selects the Correct Layer if the user selects all four buttons.  The other trigger selects the Incorrect Layer if the user does not select all 4 buttons. 

You can set this up a lot of ways.  Such as hiding the question on the base layer or adding values to the result and connecting it to a quiz.

The Story file is attached.  

Here is the DEMO

Hope this helps.

Carrie Anderson

Hi Heroes,

I have a issue right now that I need help on. I have 4 radio buttons that are set up in a freeform slide that do not need a correct or incorrect submission, and I need them to populate on the next slide. 

The radio buttons are titled: Attitude, Clear Expectations, Compentance and Resources. 

So if the user selects any of them the text should populate in the next slide. 

I have attached a file with a simple 2 slider. If anyone can help me. 

Thank you,

Carrie A