Radio Buttons in Freeform Pick-One Questions Not Reporting to LMS

Hello, heroes!

While analyzing the data in one of my courses, I've noticed that the pick-one questions that use radio buttons don't report the answer to the LMS. Typically, the User Response field will report the name of the object that was correct/incorrect (i.e. PPO). For the pick-one questions with radio buttons only these results aren't coming through. I've narrowed it down to a SL issue, but  I couldn't find any forum posts that addressed this. If anyone can help or can point me to an article that might be relevant, I'd greatly appreciate it!



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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Lauren!

First, check out this 1-minute video that demonstrates the data you should see from Pick One slides in your LMS. 

In that video, I explained that SCORM 2004 displays full answer text, so I'd encourage you to publish using SCORM 2004 and test the output in your LMS.

You may also want to test the output in SCORM Cloud (a free LMS testing tool) to compare how the data is displayed there.