Radio buttons incorrectly identified by JAWS

Nov 02, 2016

Hi! I'm working on some slides with multiple radio button questions. So for example, there are 3 questions on the slide and each has 3 radio button options "Yes", "No" and "Not sure". I'm using the builtin radio buttons in Storyline 2 and putting answer labels directly as part of the button and with no alt text. I'm grouping the radio buttons for each question as a button set. I'm finding that most of the time, JAWS will read the correct label when it focuses on a radio button, for example: "Yes radio button not checked". However, when some radio buttons are focused, JAWS (but not NVDA) will identify them by the "next question". For example, question 1 "not sure" radio button will read the text of question 2, such as "Question 2 ... radio button not checked" instead of "not sure radio button" not checked. This happens to all of the button sets, except the last question on screen. But if there is a text box after the last question on screen, then the "not sure" option will read that text box...I have tried adding alt text to the problem radio buttons but JAWS didn't read the alt text...I've also tried putting questions on different layers, but still no luck...Wonder if anyone has experienced the same issue and know how to resolve it?

Tested in: Windows 7, JAWS 16, NVDA 2016.3, IE11

I made a test file that shows the problem i'm describing:

And here's a screenshot of the issue: 

I have attached the storyline file as well. 

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Design Team

Hey guys,

So I tried the same file and am getting "not checked" when a selection is made on each radio button.  I am using Windows 10, JAWS 18, and published the scorm file as HTML 5 using Articulate 360. I am currently testing it using ScormCloud. They all read each selection as "The answer" + radio button not checked. Would love to see a solution to this.. thanks..

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