Radio Buttons not saving their selected states on base layer

Help!  I have a slide with radio buttons.  Each button, when selected jumps to a different scene.  I want the buttons to stay selected permanently once the user has selected that button, but once the user comes back to this layer and selects another button, the "Selected" state disappear, communicating to the learner that they have not visited any of the other sections available from this slide.  How do I get the radio button to stay selected permanently after the learner selects it?

I've attached a screen shot, but I can't attach the whole training for security reasons.



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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Zandree! The selected state works for objects "actively" selected, and with groups of buttons, they're often organized in button sets. Button sets will only allow one to be selected at a time. You have two choices:

  • Add a Visited state to those buttons as well. Once they've been clicked, they'll show as Selected and Visited, and the Visited state will remain when other buttons are Selected.
  • Select all the buttons and remove the "button set" designation. This will allow more than one button to be in the Selected state.

Let us know how you make out!