Radio Buttons - Visited State

In my learning goals slide (see attached), I've set it so that each button starts out in "normal" state and then once clicked are supposed to go to "visited" state.  This is not happening and I can't figure out why.

Also, I've put in a "warning" layer that is supposed to stop the learner from proceeding to the next slide until they've clicked all the buttons. This also is not working.

Can you please tell me what I've done wrong?


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Susi B

Hi Kelly,

so i fixed some things in your story file (see attached).

First I set your slides to start from the beginning when revisited and added a "back"-button to your warning layer because otherwise you couldn´t continue. Second the next button trigger needed the contition "true" or else it would always jump to the next slide ignoring your false variable.

The visited state of the buttons only show, when you change to an other button, those are build in buttons so they behave like they were programmed. :) The one you click on is always in the selected state. Then I fixed your audio which was overlapping when you click too fast.

I think thats it. Hope it helps. :)


David Anderson

Hi Kelly - It looks like you got everything you needed from Susi!

I had recorded a quick screencast for you but got pulled in another direction before I could post it for you to review. If you're interested, you can view how I corrected your file here:

But either way, I'm glad you got what you needed!