RAM or Storage: Which is more important in running Storyline 3?

Hello.  I'm using Storyline 3 (S3) on Windows 10 with a Parallels desktop on my iMac.

I've allocated 128 GB of my computer's 1TB of storage as well as 8GB of 16GB memory to Windows 10.  At times, it takes a while for S3 to save files and preview documents.

Which is a bigger factor in performance in this context: RAM or storage?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Mark,

It sounds like your system meets these requirements for Storyline 3, so I wouldn't expect an issue with slowness during the file save process. If you feel like it's taking longer than normal to save a file, our Support Engineers can have a closer look at your system and make recommendations based on your set-up. You can reach them directly here!