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Nancy Woinoski

Hi Joseph, it seems to do this by default. Did you click on the button to register your license? (not sure what the button is actually called).

If you do that it should display your existing license key and then prompt you to register. Just follow the steps to register and you should be good to go.

Joseph Francis


I ended up re-entering the serial number for this copy of Storyline. What is quite annoying is this message popped up after I had (re) entered the serial number:

Since I had previously registered with Articulate, when I clicked "Register Now," my information was pre-populated into the fields. I would suggest it isn't a Sales issue, but a QA issue, and updates need to be a bit more vetted before being released, so that issues like this do not recur for registered, licensed installations.

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Bernadette and welcome to the community!

Is your serial number populated when you choose the activate option? If not, do you still have access to the email confirmation that contains your serial number?

Let us know if you are unable to activate with your serial, or if you don't have access to it.