Random font size and color changes each time I open and edit

I really hope someone can help.  I am creating a number of courses for a client.  When I save and then reopen the storyline file it messes up the size and sometimes the color of my fonts and I have to check each slide before publishing.

Here is an example

Published version 1

Next time I open the stroyline project it has messed up my fonts

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Nicole Legault

Hi Ed!

Sorry to hear you're having this problem... irregular font activity is a topic that has come up before. Have you tried setting your zoom level to 100%? Apparently when the zoom level is at 100%, the text will display correctly when you're editing.  You may want to try to apply a different font style to that text and see if that helps with the problem.

You might also want to have a look at these past forum discussions about irregular Storyline font sizes: Font Sizes Drop in Storyline Randomly and Font resizes inside dialogue boxes.

Hope this helps to resolve your issue Ed! =) If not please report back, and we'll see if there's something else we can do to help you find a solution!