Random issues with published file

Jul 05, 2018

I just built a course in Storyline360 (here's a preview), and I'm running into various issues with it, specifically:

  1. The screenshot on the Challenges slides is very blurry, and yet it's a high-quality image (see attached).
  2. The "Unlock the Door" slide functionality is totally off, with the icons appearing first (this is not what it's set up as in the .story file - layout was created in Slide Master).
  3. One of the icons on the "Unlock the Door" slide is not changing to a specified state but is instead staying normal.

Storyline has been very glitchy for me today, and yet no changes have been made to my laptop. My work in Slide Master has been quite slow, and multiple laptop reboots haven't helped. 

I've attached the .story file for your review, along with the image.

Would love for someone to point out where I've gone wrong here.

Thank you. 

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Agnieszka,

I'm really sorry for all the trouble you've run into lately! Let's see how I can help.

  1. I am seeing that the Seneca Libraries Homepage image is blurry on your slides. My hunch is that this blurriness is happening because you're starting with a very large image that shrinks to fit the width of the slide when it is inserted. Then when you preview the file, the smaller image is scaled up to fill the browser window. I'd like our Support Engineers to take a closer look to verify if that's what's happening, or if there's something else going on here. 
  2. You mentioned the icons in Scene 2 appeared first, but I didn't see that when I previewed that scene. Here's a Peek at what I saw. 
  3. Which icon specifically isn't changing to the correct state? All of your triggers on the Slide Master look correct, but it would be helpful to know which one isn't behaving so I can test that one further. From my Peek video, you can see that they all changed to the "collected" state in my testing.
Alyssa Gomez

Hi Agnieszka,

Thanks for clarifying that! Looks like I didn't go far enough. 

I took a closer look at the triggers on the results page Slide Master, and I rearranged the trigger order a bit. Now it appears to be working correctly. Check out this screen recording!

Give this updated file a try, and let me know if you see an improvement.

Agnieszka Gorgon

Hello Alyssa,

Yes, you fixed the state issue (I'd love to see how you rearranged triggers to achieve this - UPDATE: I downloaded the .story file, compared triggers & trigger order and found the culprits), but the buttons are still displaying first, before the background "rectangle" and text.

In Slide Master, I have them appear last. I would still prefer that. I'm confused as to why this order is reversed in the published course. 

Thank you. 

Alyssa Gomez

Hey Agnieszka!

It looks like you have the icons set to appear at 1.2 seconds on the timeline. However, the triggers are set to change the state of the icons when the timeline starts. This is making the icons appear when the timeline starts, not at 1.2 seconds.

To fix this, you'll want to adjust the triggers in the panel to say "Change state of Icon to collected when the timeline reaches 1.2 seconds if subjectguides = right."

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