Random issues with swivel animation added to objects in Storyline 360

I have been seeing weird issues with objects that I add the swivel animation to - I think this may have been happening since the last update to Storyline 360, as I never noticed this before, and I use the swivel animation a lot.

This is what's happening:

When I add a swivel animation to a coloured box (card), when it swivels, it randomly shows a different colour on the back of the card - not every time, but only randomly. Also, and this is the most frustrating issue - the text I've added to the back of the card doesn't show when the animation finishes. This is most bizarre because the heading shows, and both the heading and text are added directly to the shape - the only difference is they are different fonts and different sizes. Sometimes when the card swivels, the text appears on both sides, but sometimes only on one side.

With the files published to web, when I view in Chrome, the random different colour issue is happening, but the text is there, although randomly only on one side of the card - but in IE there's some ghosting of something that randomly appears - which I presume is the text - which isn't pretty!

This also happens when I publish to Web - HTML and zip the file to embed it to a page on my website using a Wordpress plugin (the one by Brian Batt - Insert or Embed e-Learning Content into Wordpress) At first I thought it must have been something to do with the plugin, but then I've been using this plugin for months with no issues.

I've just published the same file to Review 360 and the issue is occurring there. It also occurs when I publish for Web - HTML and upload the file to Amazon s3 - although the randomness seems to differ between these three options.

This issue is not there when I preview the file.

This is not the only file this is happening on - it also happened on another file earlier in the week, but because this was a blackboard background and the "cards" were just white borders with text (and no coloured fill), I couldn't work out what was going on, particularly because I had already successfully published the file and embedded it into my website, and all I did was alter the text and republish it. I ended up changing the animation to a fade one, but this doesn't have the same impact. It seems the issue is with the swivel animation.

Here's are the links to these two examples in my Review 360:



Source files are attached - strictly for testing purposes.

Thanks in advance! 

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Dianne Hope

Hmmm - I've now submitted a ticket to Articulate Support to get a response on this - this is definitely an issue with the new version of Storyline - I've resorted to publishing files using an older version on a different PC and there are  no issues like this - this is using the same files...

Wondering if anyone else has noticed this...