Random letters missing in SCORM file on LMS


I published a SCORM 1.2 file an uploaded to my LMS. It has been fine for most people but one person has said that letters are missing from the content. (See image attached). The font in the module is 'arial' so that shouldn't be an issue.

I have tried different replicating this issue by using different browsers and devices but it's not showing for me.

I use Articulate Storyline and I think it is fully updated.

What should I do?

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GForces Training

Hi Kim,

I have the same issue, and I have been searching the internet to try to find an answer. In the meantime I have found out the by logging out of the LMS + clearing the cache (from all time) seems to correct this issue.

It would be handy to find out why this is happening and if there is a permanent fix, rather than just having to clear the cache.

Hope this helps. 

GForces Training

Hi Leslie,

Thank you for the offer, unfortunately due to the nature and sensitivity of data within the courses I am unable to share them outside of the organisation.

I have though signed up to a free account with SCORM cloud, and am able to load projects under 100mb which is helping. But I think I need to read the documentation to understand how I can report on problems within the SCORM file.

Kim Knight

Hi Leslie


I'm having more issues with this - my inbox was inundated over the weekend with people saying that whole words/answers on buttons/sentance etc where missing.

A lot of the people who are taking our LMS aren't computer savvy either so asking them to 'clear their cache' isn't appropriate. This issue seems to be happening only with Internet Explorer.


Please advise!

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Stacey and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

Thanks for reaching out and letting us know you are running into a similar issue.

It looks like you may be using Storyline 360, and having trouble with missing letters in your course.

Take a look at this article which will guide you in how to correct this.

Lily Kreitinger

I published a course using Storyline 360. I have two learners that have reported the 'wrong font' in the course. I tested on SCORM Cloud using both Chrome and IE and they both work fine for me. One user reported that the issue happened with her computer using IE on a wifi connection at home and it resolved when she launched the course within the company network using the same computer. I've checked our settings and we do have Font Download enabled on IE. Any other settings I should be checking for?

Katie Riggio

Hi there, Lily!

Thank you for those clues, and smart call to check that the font download setting is enabled!

Do the two affected learners see this problem in other browsers in addition to IE? If so, it could be that the server where the course is hosted doesn't know how to display web fonts. This section covers how to fix that! If only in IE and they control their own IE settings, the Learners section shares how they can ensure they have font downloads enabled on their end!

If everything checks out there, would you be willing to work with our Engineers? They'll closely work with you to determine the cause and make sure your learners see the right font!

Stephanie Long

This is so annoying, this random font issue that strikes and telling users to relaunch the course resolves it.  Why won't articulate admit what is going on and be forthcoming about it?  This is really embarrassing for us to talk about with our clients.  It cannot be the setting as it randomly occurs and just as randomly goes away.