random letters/symbols appearing when viewing in the LMS

(This same question has already been posted in the discussion group for our LMS, SuccessFactors, but they suggested we ask an Articulate/Storyline group as well.)


I have a story that I published and uploaded to the LMS. It's running perfectly in the test environment, when I view it in the live environment, and when (most of) my coworkers view it. However, I've gotten numerous emails with screenshots of random characters throughout and I don't know how to fix it. It leaves the learner completely unable to even read the actual content. I have NO idea how to fix this or what is causing it to display so wonky for some people. I haven't been able to see a trend of it being weird in a particular browser (all users were using the same version of IE.. it worked for most but didn't for some). I just don't know where else to turn.



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Peter Anderson

Hey, Gloria. Really sorry for the trouble. Are you publishing your course the same way for both environments (for LMS, I assume)? Unexpected things can occur if you're not publishing your project for the environment for which you ultimately host it:


Our support team would be happy to lend a hand also. You can reach them right here:


Macy Frost

It's the exact same published content that we slid into the test environment as well as the live environment. I didn't republish it at all. Also, it's working just fine for some people in the live LMS, which is what's really confusing to me. I can reach out to the support team but I'm wondering if anybody has any other ideas?