random question draw setting?

Where does the setting to "randomly include in shuffle" come from (see draw-from-bank.png attached) and how do I turn it off? I don't want them to shuffle for testing purposes. I have 300 MC questions that I have to verify and test and having them presented to me randomly will take forever. I can't find a setting for this anywhere (see question-design.png). Thanks!

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Kendra, 

I hope I can clarify for you the difference between the two.  The Randomly option in the "Include in Shuffle" column only works if the "Draw Questions randomly" option is checked.

That means you can either have your draw be random, and you can select on a question by question basis if you want each question to be random, always appear or never appear.  Or, you can deselect the "Draw Questions Randomly" option, which means your questions will appear in the order listed in the bank, and then only the "Never" and "Always" options will apply. The randomly option only applies when it's a randomized question bank. 

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If your set up is working differently we'll likely want to take a look at your .story file to see how it's behaving.