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Erwin Ancheta

Hi Emily,

Thank you for the reply :)

I've already tried this actually, but this only show 1 question at a time.

Is it possible to show all in a random basis?

Like for example:

1. True/False
2. Multiple Choice


1. Multiple Choice
2. True/False

Again thank you for giving time on this.

I really appreciate it.

Kind Regards,


Marie Barnes

I believe I have the same question that Erwin had, but I don't really see an answer that makes sense.

I have 8 questions in my Question Bank, I want my learner to have to answer ALL 8 questions,  Can I use the Question bank to randomize the order the questions appear, but still make the learner answer all 8?

Marie Barnes

Hi Leslie, I followed that tutorial, and then reviewed it again and double checked my steps. I'm selecting draw questions randomly and "include all" but when I preview my project it only asks one question.  do I need add multiple "draw from question bank" slides? right now, with the one draw from question bank, it only draws one random question... am I missing something?