Random Quiz only selecting one question

I have a set of 6 random quizzes in a scene. Each quiz has 6 questions and I have set the number of questions to 4. On the last of the quizzes, it only selects 1 question. That of course makes it impossible to pass the quiz.

I have tried many things to solve this but nothing has worked so far. Has this happened before? Did I hit some kind of Storyline limit?

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Jeffrey Riley

Hi Jeffrey,


Thank you for pointing me to the appropriate quiz.  I did not experience the same issue since I got a different set of questions from the random draw and did not get the problematic slide.  I found that one of the questions had triggers that forwards the user to the results slide when you click on the continue button.  Please look at the second question "gwquiz2" under the Tankgroundwater quiz question bank.  If you go to the incorrect and correct slide layers, they have triggers to forward the user to the results slide instead of the next slide.


This is my response to John Say from Support.


You are correct that was the problem plus the first quiz slide did not go anywhere. Between the two I would get one or two quiz slides. I had created these as single quiz slides and added them to the question bank later. I must have had these slide jump to the results when done and did not check them when I made the change.

Something else to look for in the future.

Thanks for solving this.

Jeffrey Riley