Random slide not working publishing to html5 !?

Anyone with a clue where to start with this?

I am publishing to html5 (without any quiz) and uploading to Moodle as a web file. This has worked well so far, except suddenly there is a slide with a normal level of animation that just wont work. I have used both Safari on iPad and also Google Chrome to view, with the same problem.

It just slows and stalls always at the same point, for no apparent reason. In the Storyline previewer it all works ok.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Darren! I took a look at the .story file that you attached.  The only issue that I noticed in published format within Google Chrome was a delay on the third layer.  When I went back to look at your .story file, I can see where there is an actual 'time' delay and that the content (on the heatsink selection layer) does not actually 'pop-up' until 3.75 seconds in.  Is this what you are seeing?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Darren,

I tested your file (loaded here to my AO account http://aterwilliger.articulate-online.com/9369930670 in case you'd like to test) and it's the last slide that doesn't work for me on the iPad. Is that where you're encountering the problem as well? I don't see anything out of the ordinary in your original file and tested in within Chrome on my desktop, referencing this article's troubleshooting steps which provides some suggestions you may want to review. 

Darren Besanko

Thanks for your replies. Where would one be without the internet.  

@Leslie: that is correct, but I am not even seeing that when its published.

@Ashley... your published version at least works on Chrome but when I publish the same file it falls apart in Chrome, and also falls apart on the iPad, when it comes to the last animation on the second layer. What's confusing is that there is nothing complex here, and all my previous work has been publishing ok.

I'll check your troubleshooting next. I cant use the mobile player because I load these files onto Moodle, and it doesn't allow access of the content to the mobile player.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Darren, 

 I agree, I didn't see anything complex or different from the last slide to the previous ones. Let us know if the troubleshooting steps mentioned help. 

Have you tried importing it into a new Storyline file or doing a repair of your Storyline software? Especially since you mentioned being able to publish other work previously, it may be something specific to this file. 

Darren Besanko

Ashley, No something is wrong.

I am testing in Chrome to eliminate html on mobile safari and still problems. After the second layer it stalls before going to the third layer, and when it eventually goes there the animations don't appear with the audio.

I have imported into a new file, and also done repair of software, and the exact same.

I have also tried repasting my images (rather than take a snapshot from pdf and paste, I pasted into ppt and saved them as a proper image), but no difference.

Really stuck with this one....