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Hello everyone!

I am working on my next big project (Storyline 360) and I would like to have slides 2-19 in one scene of this story be chosen or shown in a random order.  Is this possible?  Is it possible to do this without repeating any of the 18 slides?  To move to the next slide I already have a NEXT button on each slide.

Thank you in advance for your thoughts!


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Thank you for the idea.  I didn't think it was going to work due to the type of slides I had created (which is why I stayed away from it in the first place), but after researching the question bank I was able to make it do what I needed to do without having to rework everything.  Thank you for your time and for sharing your thoughts!  Sometimes you just need another point of view!


Rishi Handa

Hi Russell,

Thanks for sharing this. Is it possible to enable the random selecting to keep going ad infinitum until the user stops it instead of it only lasting until the slides in the bank have all appeared only once each (as in the .story file you shared)? Hope that was clear :-S


Russell Killips

Hello Rishi,

Take a look at this sample project to see if it will work for you.

On Slide 2.1 there is a trigger on timeline start that chooses a number between 1 and 5.

Then there are triggers to jump to a specific slide depending on the number chosen. These specific slides also have their next button jump to Slide 2.1.

This way it keeps looping until they click on the finish button.