Randomize a quiz


I have opened an old Articlute Quizmaker fil in Storyline.

  1. How do I ad on that the quesions should be randomised ?
  2. Futhermore hos do I randomize the answers within a quiz.
  3. I do not fully understand how the qustions  databases functions. Do you have any description that I could use?

I am looking forward do see the answers. Thanks in advance


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Tim Shelton

So you can create question banks and draw X amount of questions randomly from within. This is simple to construct and you should be able to find tutorials on how to set this up. You can also randomise answers on questions from within the edit question dialogue box in the options at the top.

In terms of creating an assessment:

On creating a project you can choose to create a question bank from the options in the ribbon bar at the top. This will allow you to create a set of question slides. Then choose to add graded questions and you can select a template to do the hard work for you. Following this you can then double click on a slide in the list and go and customise it however you see fit.

Lastly you will need to add in a results slide and link it up the the questions/banks used.

Check the forums here for videos on how to do this or look on youtube. Eventually you can use freeform questions and build your own question templates.