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Janet Mudd

Does anyone have an update on how to Lock Slides and Randomize questions/slides that were not put in using a question bank.  The information found at the link below shows an image of the home menu that does not match that of Storyline 2.



Leslie McKerchie

I'm not having any difficulty. In order to see these options, you will need to be in the Question Bank as the image indicates. If you have not chosen a question yet, the 'Edit Question' option will not be available.

Once selected, you will see all of the options:

I hope that this helps :)

If you need me to take a look, please share your .story file.

Janet Mudd

Those are the two features I was looking for. I'll have to see if it is possible to add a bank then move my pick one and text entry questions into it so that I can randomize them. I just didn't want to have to copy and paste the objects then remake all the triggers as the slides are very involved.


Janet Mudd

Thanks Leslie,

I was able to import all my questions to the question bank.  However, it dropped all of the correct & incorrect triggers for the "pick one" questions, which I'm using for multiple drag-n-drop.  So that'll take time to rebuild, but at least it brought most in and the questions will randomize now.  Just a note to anyone out there, build them in the question bank first.  Being a 'newbie' I didn't know. :)