Randomize sound files

I'm very new to Storyline and searching for past conversations but have not yet found anyone with this issue.
I am creating a training program that will have audio files presented throughout, with responses and feedback offered to the participants. 
Is it possible to randomize 20 sound files with their correct response (of 2 or 3 choices)? What I want are the sounds presented in random order and then feedback regarding accuracy as well as replaying the previous sound file. I'm not afraid to learn Java or any other language, just need direction. Thank you! 

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Virginia Driscoll

Thank you, Michael. I was looking through the question banks, but not sure of the best option to make that work. Are you suggesting 20 separate slides with one audio file each, then have the items randomly drawn? Would that make the final size of the project significantly larger? In the meantime, I'm still sleuthing.

Michael Hinze

Hi Virginia, yes that had been my firs thought when I read your post: have one question slide per sound file, add the 20 questions to a question bank and set it to draw randomly. You have to import the 20 sound files into Storyline anyway, so I don't think the filesize will be vastly different from any other approach.