Randomizing a fixed number of questions in a training quiz


I've recently downloaded Storyline 3 and it looks great. There's just one thing I'd like to find out about it. I have a pool of 100 questions, and I'd like to randomly select 50 from this pool in every quiz. This is a training exercise for a large number of staff, and I would like to be able randomize each quiz so that team mates cannot use each other's answers. For example, everyone doing the training quiz at the same time will get 50 questions randomly selected from a pool of 100. 

I would like to know if Storyline 3 can publish a quiz that can do this? Let me know! :) 

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Crystal Horn

Hey there, Niall.  Great question.  Let me give you some information that will be helpful in building this exercise.

Question banks are a great tool for generating random draws from a pool of questions.  This article about question banks kicks off 4 great entries about using them and creating draws.  

It sounds like you might have a section of people who'll be taking your assessment at the same time.  Each person's access to the course is contained.  That is, their interaction with the content is unique to them, and it doesn't correspond to other learners' activities. 

The random question draws are truly random, so I wouldn't imagine that two learners will have the same sequence of questions in their interaction with the course.  There isn't a guarantee that they wouldn't both encounter the same question, though.

I hope that's a good start for you.  Let me know what follow up questions you might have!

Niall O'Sullivan

Hi Crystal, thank you for your response. I'm still unclear on just one thing. Is it possible to randomize 50 questions out of 100? Rather than randomizing 50 questions out of 50? In other words, I would like to shuffle and use all 100 of my questions in the session, and the user is challenged on the first 50 randomized questions. Meaning each user get's a different combination of 50 questions out of 100?