Randomly changing positive or negative feedback on quiz questions.

We have a long course with many quizzes.  It is very time consuming to customize each question.  What I would like to do is have a set of alternative positive and another of alternative negative feedback statements.  

When the student submits her response I would just like to randomly pick one of the positive or negative feedback statements depending of course on whether she submitted the right or wrong answer.  

This would be very easy to code directly but I cannot do that in Articulate.  IS there another way to do it.


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Lewis Eigen

It is just the opposite.  Our courses are big and cover very complex technical; material.  If the learners cannot pass a certification test after the learning, they cannot work in at that job.

In one hour of instruction each of our students will be answering about 30 reinforced questions.  There’s no way anyone can sleep through this stuff.

It gets a little tiring for the student the getting the exact same feedback message for 4 or 5 hours a day for 3-5 days in a row.  So we want to say in addition to “Correct”, “Well Done”, “That’s Right”,  “You nailed another question” etc.

On you point about the government, it is a bog place with the best and the worst of training that I have seen.  I have developed courses for companies, schools and government for years, and I have not found the distribution of people who care and these that don’t any difference among the three.  The worst training attitude that I have ever seen was in a fortune 500 company, where the guy who hired us to create the course could not care less.  The only reason they were giving the course in his opinion was to pander to the employees who had asked for it.  His belief was that they should not bear the cost of training workers, but should just fire the ones who did not have the skill and hire new ones.  But I have had a few Government People who were almost as bad.  Most really do want the people to learn.  No we deal with highly technical knowledge and skills, and not general management stuff and cannot speak for that kind of training.

Walt Hamilton

I agree, the problem with government is that the only pool it has to draw personnel from is us, so there is a limit to what results it can get. Still, way too much of its training is defined literally as contact hours, not learning.

On the other hand, at least part of my thought is that these two phrases seem to me to be diametrically opposed:

 reinforced questions <-->  the exact same feedback message (or randomly selected feedback)