Randon Scene Selection?

Jul 19, 2017

Hi all,

I am looking to see if there is a way that Storyline can randomly choose scenes, rather than the scenes being in a pre determined sequence.

For example, I have included a file that has 3 interactive scenes. The scenes them selves operate in a linear flow, but what I want is for storyline to randomly pick the next scene at the end of the current one. Like instead of the assigned green, blue, red sequence, it could start red, then green, the blue or any other sequence. This is for gaming and quizzing purposes.

So I guess I want to know if storyline can randomize entire scenes like it can randomize individual slides.

Hope that makes sense!

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Brian Dennis

A numeric variable called NextScene that is set to Jump to Scene #2 if the variable equals 2 might work. The variable would need be set via scripting using the Math.random() call. The catch - scripting is unavailable in the AMP mobile player. And you'd need a bit of scripting knowledge. The forum has some great threads on scripting, and Articulate's own article on variables is pretty good.

Michael Bauer

Hmmmm, well how about a variable (for example): at the end of last Green screen, change Green from False to True

Then on the first screen with the button, change the trigger:

When 1 ends, show 2 if Green if False

That way, if Green is True (ie Green section visited), it won't show that layer and therefore the learner wont have the option to click it again. Recreate for Red and for Blue.

Also, add an extra layer: if Green is True AND Red is True AND Blue is True, show layer 4. The button on that layer will then jump to another scene / slide / final screen / etc. whatever you need it to do. I hope that makes sense!

Give it a try and let me know how you go. Fingers crossed :)

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